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Submittal Requirements Application. The Building Permit Application must be filled out and submitted electronically in order to receive a building permit. Visit the Virtual Service Counter for more information on submittal requirements. All information must be legible and complete. Most building permits also require a Zoning Permit. Checklist. View the Plan Submittal Checklist. Scale and Size of Plans.  All plans must be drawn on with a minimum scale of ¼” per foot, except for the site plan which may be drawn with a minimum scale of 1/8” per foot. All plan sheets must be the same size, with a maximum sheet size of 24” X 36” and minimum sheet size of 11” X 17”. Information Required On Each Page of the Plans Information Required On Permit Documents The scope of the work must be shown in a clear and concise manner. Provide only information that is pertinent to the scope of the project. Floor plan of each level, label all rooms. Site plan including: Survey. Erosion control plan (erosion control must be in place October 15 through April 15 or whenever it is raining). Building elevations. Complete structural drawings including foundations, floor, roof, deck, and wall framing plans. Roof/floor truss layout plan with calculations. Cross sections and details to sufficiently clarify all construction. Fireplace details or manufacturer’s installation instructions. Stairway, handrail and guardrail details. Size, opening and type of glass windows and skylights. Location of electrical panels, switches, outlets and types of lights. Plumbing fixtures. Details of heating equipment (size, location and type of fuel). Compliance with the California Energy Commission requirements (Energy Calculations) CF-1R and MF-1R (from Energy Calculations) on plans and in booklet form. Fire sprinkler plans and calculations. Any information necessary to describe the work and show that it will conform to the provisions of the codes, ordinances, and regulations adopted by the City of Sausalito. Complete existing condition plan. Specifications, Calculations, Reports, etc. (Minimum of 2 copies required) Specifications, engineering calculations, Certified Accessibility Specialist (CASp) reports, soil investigation reports, special inspection and structural observation programs and other related data (as applicable)

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