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How to use this web site?

Use of this site is fairly easy. Let's start with the basics:

  • Viewing our listings is free and easy to do. Just select ALL LISTINGS from the top menu, or go to CATEGORIES on the right sidebar, or do a SEARCH for what you are looking for, also in the right sidebar.
  • If you want to rate or comment on a BUILDING DEPARTMENT listing, you will have to become a SITE MEMBER. When you attempt to make the entry it will send you to become a member. Membership is $2.00 voluntary per year. In other words, you become a site member for free and if you feel like it you do a subscription for $2.00 per year.
  • PROMOTIONAL LISTINGS are made by CONTRACTORS or BUSINESS that supports CONSTRUCTION. We are not a general use directory. If you would like to purchase a promotional listing, please select the LISTING FORM from the top menu and after filling in all the form details, submit the form, it will charge you based on your selections. When you get to the PAY NOW portion, pay attention. On the last section just prior to your clicking on the button to submit your listing, look at the price. The script automatically selects "FEATURED" listing, just take the check mark out of "FEATURED" and the form will re-calculate for you.
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