Do Chickens Have Lips

I was asked today if chickens have lips. As I did not want to embarrass myself with a wrong answer, I thought to ask you. DO Chickens have lips?

Of course Chickens got lips, but they hide their lips within their beak. However research has provided this response: Yes, chickens do have lips. Chickens are birds, but like all birds, they have a beak instead of teeth. The beak is used for pecking, preening, and other functions. However, chickens do have a thin fleshy structure called a "lip" that surrounds the base of the beak. This lip is made up of small, thin scales that are arranged in a circular pattern around the base of the beak. The lip is used to help the chicken preen and clean its feathers, and it can also be used to help the chicken feed. Chickens have a good sense of touch, and they use their lips and beak to explore and manipulate objects in their environment.

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