Category: Building Departments

  • Steadily Moving Forward

    You know the old saying, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” Or, so they say. Added a few more Building Departments and some new comments. The BIG NEWS is San Francisco has moved. Yeah, they’re in Arkansas now! NOT! But they have moved. They are no longer at the Mission […]

  • We Don’t Look Like a Phone Book

    Yes, we could configure our listings to have a more common directory appearance, or like a phone book. We gave serious thought to how we wanted to show information on this site and our conclusion was that doing so would restrict the listings to showing only the common information shared […]

  • The Best Way: Building Departments

    submit your applications, drawings. support documents to the Building/Planning Department, say a brief prayer, cross your fingers, or wiggle your nose hoping they approve your submission

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