We Don’t Look Like a Phone Book Sticky

Yes, we could configure our listings to have a more common directory appearance, or like a phone book. We gave serious thought to how we wanted to show information on this site and our conclusion was that doing so would restrict the listings to showing only the common information shared by most Building Departments. We all know, apart from the word “Building” there is nothing common or similar to Building Departments. Each Building Department that I have ever visited operates on their own policy. And each, has what they consider most important for the public to know. Rather than just making a phone list, we provide numerous methods for our Listees to add as much or as little information as they wish to their listing. Recent issues regarding Covid-19 policies really restricted the amount of information we could make available as one listee would have a simple paragraph of policy, while the next listee had 3 pages of info they wanted provided.

Here, we have tried to make as much AdSpace available as possible. Listees can add a standard listing, expandable to multiple graphics, almost unlimited text, video, Flea Market, and even Catalog with full page sales adds. While it is important to have a company web site, promotion of business requires a little more. It is not our intent to drive your search engine ranking to the top of Google, instead we provide the ability to extend to your consumer as much information as you want them to know allowing their ability to choose you to provide for their need. Which provides the linkage back to your web site helping to increase your overall search engine rankings.

Keep in mind, that our function was never intended to be an Internet Directory. Our function is a resource for users to rate Building Departments, the other uses are just part of the site development. While we could be a major Internet Directory, we have no such aspiration. We hope to provide our Users a valuable resource for construction needs.

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