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It is hard to believe that what was once the best place in the Country to belong to, has become the place not to be. California used to be the promised land, the place to make your mark, the place where dreams could come true. What has changed?

Truth be told, everything has changed. greedy property owners are evicting long-time tenants to increase rents on new tenants. Rent now exceed the earnings of many two earner homes. Violence is increasing daily and many people no longer feel safe on our city streets even during daylight hours. What used to be as place of racial tolerance, no longer is. And, while there are jobs available, the abuse that comes with the job is unacceptable. California is no different than the rest of the Country, with school violence, mass shootings, traffic issues, and drugs. Business that have been in the area for years attempting to recover from the pandemic can’t afford to pay the higher rents and close for good or relocate. Let’s not forget gasoline prices the highest in the Nation. Add this to the list . . . Renters are now being charged an additional $600.00 for pets! The same rental a few years back when it was new, rented for $800.00 per month pets welcome.

Is it any wonder that folks are leaving as fast as they can?

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