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What is this Site About . . .

It is simple. We want to discuss the way things go at the local Building Department. It seems like each has their own policies with no two the same. And, although almost all the staff at the Building Departments are hard-working helpful people, there is always one that feels it his job just to treat people poorly. This site is not affiliated with any government agency and we have no authority over the Building Departments but the people that do have such authority will know of this site and hopefully will come to read what is being said about their Department.

Our intent is to provide you a sounding board to commend or condemn your local Building Department. It’s easy. You search our Listings for your local Building Department, scroll to the bottom of the listing and leave your comments by filling in the info via the “comments” block.

And, because we want to prove to be a benefit to our community we decided to provide Listing space for Contractors, Material Sources, Professional Services, Site Services, and Showrooms to serve as a resource for Contractors and serve as an advertisement for all interested in such.

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